How are you developing your future leaders?

Developing the next generation of leaders is quickly becoming a top issue for many small business owners.

How are you developing your future leaders?

Most leadership programs are designed as a workshop. While this allows for easy delivery over a single morning, it doesn’t affect real change.

Our leadership program is delivered over time to allow your people to apply newly learned skills in real life work situations. This creates behavioural change that lasts.

Who Should Take Part?

  • Recently promoted employees
  • Well established leaders that need a refresher
  • Future leaders
  • Leaders that are not performing at peak levels
  • Business owners that want to be better leaders

Topics include:

  • Trust and Respect
  • Communication
  • Self Awareness
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Change
  • Difficult Conversations & Discipline
  • Recognition

"He took us to another level that we wouldn’t have gotten to on our own. He challenged us and helped us grow as a team and as individuals."

Stacy Elia, General Manager

GBF Community Services (Non-profit charity)

To learn more, contact your Job Gym Job Developer at (905) 732-7655 or (905) 871-3932