Made in Welland SUCCESS STORY - Lina Kennedy 'The Sugar Queen'

BOOK SIGNING Chapters in St. Catharines Sat July 20th 1-4pm

Welland Native Lina Kennedy recently published her autobiographical book The Sugar Queen-from Running a Salon to Leading a Revolution' chronicalling her life growing up in Welland and her story of building her GLOBAL business - Alexandria Professional, beginning from a salon located in Downtown Welland.

Her story of survival and triumph set right here in Niagara is a MUST-READ for all aspiring Entrepreneurs!

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Meet the Sugar Queen

Lina Kennedy is the founder and president of Alexandria Professional®, a global leader in sugaring hair removal and natural skin care. An industry pioneer, she created the Kennedy Theory® of hair removal by body sugaring. Her life’s work is supported by a vast network of distributors and educators who have championed her theory and sugaring products to spas, salons, and beauty schools all over the world.

She has also developed and introduced a growing line of Alexandria Professional® skin care products, all based on healthy natural ingredients, for both professional and home use.

Lina’s global beauty success comes in spite of her resistance against the industry in her youth. Lina always marched to the beat of her own drum. She takes pride in leading Alexandria Professional® with same integrity she carries in her heart. Her brand promotes empowerment, strength, and truth.

“I could see that the industry played on the vulnerability of people’s insecurities. I didn’t really like going to salons and for many years my guy friends would come over and do my hair. I just didn’t buy into the industry. And even after years of owning my own salons and beauty brand I still allowed someone to bully me into changing my appearance for a promotional opportunity. But after that day, I said never again!”

Lina and her accomplishments have been featured in general-interest national media including People magazine and the television programs The Doctors and The Fashion Team. Her own articles on body sugaring and skin care, as well as articles written about her, have appeared in Dermascope, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa, and other publications of the beauty industry. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurism in international trade and most recently was awarded one of Finland’s prestigious beauty industry awards for her innovative ErgoWave® sugaring glove. Lina also pioneered Europe’s first body sugaring competition at the EuroSkills 2014 event in Lille, France, which led to a similar competition at the WorldSkills championship event in Abu Dhabi in 2017.

On the home front, Lina rejoices in motherhood, her ever growing family, and the lasting friendships that stretch to all corners of the world. Today, after decades of manifesting her own destiny, Lina’s definition of success is simply “waking up every day happy to go forward.”