The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network is disappointed with the announcement of the introduction of legislation to repeal key provincial regulations and legislation that reduces precarious employment and protects workers.

Life insurance is a basic ingredient of successful financial and estate planning. When you die, insurance can provide financial security for your family. But with so many types of policies available, how do you choose? The first thing you should know is that life insurance is divided into two broad categories: term insurance and permanent insurance. Both pay beneficiaries a tax-free death benefit if you die while the policy is in force. 

In addition to the great products Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores offer, the Fonthill ReStore also offers its customers the opportunity to bid on selected merchandise through a silent auction. Silent auction items may include antique or refinished furniture, home decor, artwork, jewelry, or other unique or valuable collectibles.

4 years ago the youth members of 20th Welland Scouting undertook a task to mark the graves of all those that served Canada and are buried in Welland's Cemeteries. The cemeteries include the Smith Street Cemetery, the City of Welland's Woodlawn and Crowland Cemetery and Holy Cross Cemetery. We are asking for the public's help to let us know of any graves of relatives that have served but do not have any marking indicating they have served.

Want some great exposure on your organization this November?

Join us in one of Welland's most celebrated events of the year. On November 17, 2018 the Welland Santa Claus Parade will once again open the holiday season and entertain families with floats, festivities, and treats.


Come join the Rotary Club of Welland in recognizing World Polio Day on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. We will be lighting up Main Street Bridge in the Rotary colours of blue and gold. TOGETHER, WE END POLIO

Standing for Stability, Reliability & Accountability.

The countdown is on until October 22, 2018. As of today October 14, 2018 there are 8 days left. Ann and I are still busy campaigning and meeting a lot of nice people. Ward 2 stretch’s from the Welland’s western boundary to the old Canal and from Thorold Road to Fitch Street. Ward 2 has a nice mix of older Welland homes and newer homes with Chippawa Park in the middle. We have enjoyed our walkabout through the Ward this past 4 weeks.

Hi, I’m Maria Lallouet and I believe that as a community, we can ensure the success of Welland while keeping the best interests of all residents in mind. We need to pursue mindful development, prioritize infrastructure projects, promote responsible growth and create local job opportunities. Together we can build a community that fosters hope, promise and a strong future for all generations.

This is my last article for before the election. I chose to write it about community and neighbourhood because I feel as if sometimes we look out for only ourselves. There is a reason why we have a society, it’s because we are NOT better off alone. Humanity thrives in group environments. If you think about pulling a boulder up a cliff from a rope, it is much easier with 10 people than it is on your own. You may not need that boulder now but you may one day soon.


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