Newly located at 620 Niagara Street in Welland, with three businesses under the same roof the Noyes family are more than Niagara's Coin Specialists, they are Value Educators.

Who is going to host Christmas this year? What about uncle Charles and aunt Michelle’s wedding anniversary, it’s their 50th, we have to do something for that milestone. Sound familiar?  With family style catering from the Blue Star (or bring in your own favorites), our Rose Room is the best space for such an event, big enough for the family, yet small enough to feel intimate. Stop in, we’d love to show you around.

Welcome back to regular updates from the Welland Museum and a newsletter that is revamped and easier to read with new logo, new colours and a new look! Just like this newsletter, print and online materials, the Museum itself has received many improvements since our last issue. A bright entry hall greets visitors coming in from King Street, painted in our signature colours of blue and orange. Follow the orange wall upstairs to reception, from where you can have a look through the renewed exhibits in our main floor galleries enhanced by new museum standard track lighting, decor and flooring, or shop for one of a kind craft items and books in our gift shop.


In recent months, stocks have fallen sharply from their record highs, with one-day drops that can rightfully be called “dizzying.” As an investor, what are you to make of this volatility? For one thing, you may find it useful to know the probable causes of the market gyrations. Most experts cite global fears about China’s economic slowdown and falling oil prices as some of the key factors behind the stock market’s volatility. It’s only natural that you might feel some trepidation over what’s been happening in the financial markets over the past few weeks. So, what should you do?

With support from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Niagara College's Research & Innovation division is ready once again to offer small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) access to the College's resources to provide e-business and technology adoption solutions. Niagara College will work with as many as 20 local companies, thanks to $50,000 from OCE. Six vouchers are available for companies to access Technology Adoption projects that will focus on technology development and testing/validation activities to support innovation. The remaining 14 vouchers will focus on e-business solutions such as website development, online sales process, digital and social media, and customer relationship management.

Guest post by James Takeo

In a previous blog, I spoke of the basic history of the reclamation of a parkette along the west bank of the Welland recreational Canal, and its transformation into Guerrilla Park. This reclaimed space would not be possible were it not for the efforts of various volunteers from all parts of the community, especially the artistic.

The Jimmy Marando Swing Band, a 17 piece plus vocalists classic big band, is moving its popular monthly free concerts to Club Roma in St. Catharines starting in October, 2015. The move was made necessary by the recent sale and closure of Frado’s Italian Restaurant, the location of the band’s 66 consecutive monthly appearances. 

The #ILoveMyWelland Art Show is located just off Centre Court and runs Monday September 28th through to Friday Oct. 2nd, 2015.

Throughout the Show viewers will be invited to Vote for a "People's Choice" Award. Be sure to stop by the Mall to check out the #ILoveMyWelland Art Show and fall in love all over again with our beautiful Rose City.

Local residents were invited to show their community pride by creating a self-portrait. The event held at the Welland Commmunity Wellness Centre on Saturday Sept. 26th brought out the inner artist in everyone who participated....including Freddie the Clown! (Welland's own Fred Farnham :)

On Sunday September 27th, 2015 the universe treated us to the rare sighting of a Super Moon Lunar eclipse. The totally eclipsed moon is called a "blood moon" for the rusty red-orange color it turns once it is completely in the Earth's shadow.

Local stargazers were out in full force capturing this amazing natural phenomena that generally happens only a couple of times in a century. Thank you to the local photographers who contributed their images to our #myWelland Photo Album.


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