Following public consultation and approval from both regional and municipal councils, an updated Smoke and Vape-Free Outdoor Spaces Bylaw is now in effect for the Niagara region. 

Guest Post By Terry Hughes

Two photos that came from last year’s calendar published by the Wainfleet Historical Society deserve attention. Both show the Feeder Canal crossing in Wainfleet. One dated 1909 shows the channel at the end of its career while the other is dated in the 1840’s. What is evident when closely viewed is that these photos were shot at the same time and by the same photographer!

When trouble occurs, who do you call?  GHOSTBUSTERS!! Well not really, but Welland Rotary is much like that team, except Rotarians work within the community, very often operating below the radar, to help the community on many different levels. For example, when Rotary discovered that some elementary schools were falling behind in the purchasing of up-to-date equipment, we stepped in and, working with the principals, created the Educational Technology Program in order to make sure that the students had the necessary tools to succeed.

As summer comes to a close many students will be heading off to school – and we know post-secondary education can cost big bucks – but furnishing your place doesn’t have to!

RE/MAX is pleased to announce the launch of its new Home Value Estimator in Canada, in partnership with Teranet and now available to consumers on

Traeger wood pellet grills pack big hardwood flavor, from sweet cherry, to savory mesquite, into everything your grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, & BBQ. Traeger’s wood pellets are made with 100% pure, natural hardwood giving you authentic flavor and nothing else.

We will be presenting a free food sampling, Sausage Wars contest, 1994 price roll back on sausage and jumbo wieners from 7am-2pm, live music by the PubJugs and we will be offering free food off of the BBQ after 3pm.

Nature Walks are above-ground cremation gardens crafted from the landscape, and a signature of Arbor Memorial’s innovative landscape design.

Come join in the celebrations as a member of CCM's Extended Family! Saturday July 27th, 2019 is Anniversay Party Day at Country Corner Market.

Free Product Sampling - Sausage Wars Competition - 1994 prices for Sausages and Jumbo Weiners - that day only!

Customer Appreciation ‘Event in the Tent’ happening 3-7pm featuring the The Pug Jugs entertaining in their fun-lovin' East Coast/Irish style.

About Country Corner Market:

Collaborations between college researchers and businesses help our national and local economies thrive and prepare young Canadians for the jobs of the future. Canada’s colleges are at the heart of communities across the country and fuel research that helps businesses innovate and grow. 


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