Rotary Notebook: A Goal In Sight

HE SHOOTS!! HE SCORES!! This phrase is as much of a Canadian icon as the maple leaf and hockey. It indicates that a goal has been scored and that victory is in sight. These words can also be applied to life and the struggle of young people to define who they want to be and achieve victory in this confusing world. Since Welland Rotary is committed to helping youth, a unique program called SLAPSHOT (StudentLeader Award Program for Students High On Training) been formed to aid young people in finding their goals in life. For a weekend in April, 100 selected teenagers, aged 15-18, will come together in the Canterbury Hills near Ancaster, Ontario, for a high-energy, action-packed weekend in which they will explore their own limits, as well as their personal physical and mental attributes. Through physical trials, such as the popular High Ropes Course, and including group activities and participation, they will develop self-reliance trust and confidence.

This weekend has prompted participants to later state that ”I didn’t realize that I could do something like that”and ”this program has given me confidence to face life and to realize that I’m not alone. Please never change it!  Ever!”Welland Rotary fully funds 5 students plus transportation for this program, but the participants must commit to attend all of the events, from Friday until Sunday night to receive the full benefits of the course. To apply for the April 2019 session, please find the application form at the Rotary District website at   

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December 4: Speaker: Tim Nohara – Accipiter Radar

December 11:  AGM with classification talks by Ken Janzen and Don Campbell  

December 18: Speaker: Marco Magazzeni – Niagara Launch Centre

December 25: Christmas No Meeting