Rotary Notebook: The Last Fifty Years

During the last 50 years, Welland Rotary started to shift its focus. The Club continued to support Lakewood Camp until it was closed by the Easter Seal Society in the early 2000s and we contributed a great deal to the Welland hospital drives We started to view Rotary’s place in the Global village as a priority, along with the focus on youth in the community. During this period, Welland Rotary sponsored many Youth Exchange students to all corners of the world and continued to consider the Niagara Children’s Centre, the local ‘Y’, and the Welland Library as organizations in need of our support. However, the Club started to examine the need for projects both in our community and abroad. We discovered there were many areas of Welland that were in desperate need of many of the basic requirements of life—education, health and security, and also that these needs were prevalent in the indigenous peoples of the North and in other areas of the world.

In the last twenty years, the club established the Educational Technology Program which has supplied elementary schools in less affluent areas of Welland with over $72,000 to purchase needed technology, the Niagara Children’s Centre with $113,000 for buildings and equipment, and $25,000 for its building program. In addition, the Club donated, with the Town of Pelham, a fire truck to the Bearskin Lake community in northern Ontario. Globally, with the leadership of Jos Nolle, Cheryle Slattery and Douglas Johnson, we have helped provide a hospital boat in Bolivia,  a Tourism Training Centre in Argentina and are supporting a school district in the Philippines with buildings and clean water. Welland Rotary has been involved in projects too numerous to mention, but its finances still originate in this community-the Rotary T.V. Auction and fund drives particularly- which go directly to those in need. For further information on the Rotary Club of Welland, please visit us at


January 7:   Brian MacCulloch, Police Chief

January 14: Gay Douglas, Senior Moving Industry/Downsizing

January 21: Dr. Barry Wright, CEO Canada Games 2021

January 28: Welland Rotary Curling Spiel & Social