Rotary Notebook: Meet Our Exchange Student!

Hailing from the town of Huy, Belgium, Manon Hody has crossed the ocean to spend a year in Welland as part of Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Welland, Manon came to Canada last August.

She left her family, father, step-mom, her brother and 2 sisters and, of course, her horse for a life-changing experience in a new country and culture. She acknowledges her 2ndCanadian families consisting of host families, friends at school and her many new Rotary Youth Exchange friends from Canada and around the world.

With her new family and friends, she has visited many parts of Ontario and New York State, including Ottawa, Toronto and New York City. She attends Centennial High School. She also celebrated her 18thbirthday in Canada with her rotary and school friends.

At a recent Welland Rotary Meeting, Manon gave a quick overview of Belgium, known for its great food, in particular, chocolate, Belgium fries and meatballs. And, of course, its beer! It is also the country of comics. Her home town of Huy, near Liège, is situated on a river. With a fort, which was an old castle and a beautiful town square. Manon has entered many jumping competitions and teaches riding. She finished off by stating “Thank you for making this dream an unforgettable experience”.

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