St. George Family Day - Rosie Smith's Legacy Continues in this Annual Community Event

SAVE THE DATE! Sunday August 19th

Rosie Smith was known as “The Heart and Soul of Welland.”

For over 50 years she was a tireless volunteer, dispatching kindness, generosity, understanding and most of all love for all, especially children.

Born out of that passion was the Welland Recreation Projects Association and one of its signature events — Family Day at St. George Park.

Rosie’s legacy continues and is exemplified by this outstanding annual community event.​

St. Geroge Family Day

Join us for some family-friendly fun at St. George Park. Enjoy free swimming, Smudge Fundaes, Reptile Kingdom, food trucks, live music, fireworks and more.

Try walking on water! Let the water carry you as you around as you experience the pool from inside our water zorbs.

A seriously fun activity suitable for all ages and abilities. Run, walk or flip on the surface of the water without getting wet!