City’s Time Capsule Will Close July 1, 2017: It’s Not Too Late To Get In

Canada’s 150th year of celebrations and events is well underway, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to participate in some of the many events that have taken place throughout or vibrant city. This is a year of unity for our country and our hometown. 2017 not only marks a 150 years of Canada; it also marks 100 years that Welland has been incorporated as a city. This is the year that we should be looking back at 100 years of growth and history, while we continue to build the present and look forward to a bright future. In the spirit of celebrating our past, present, and future; the City is preparing to launch a time capsule 50 years into the future. The capsule is scheduled for closure on July 1, 2017 at Welland Civic Square and will remain closed until July 1, 2067.

Join us Canada Day in Downtown Welland as Canada marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. City of Welland and Welland Downtown BIA are excited to announce how Welland is going to Celebrate Canada’s 150th on Saturday July 1st, 2017.

Starting at noon we are celebrating a jam packed day of entertainment, food, fun and fireworks.

Concerned about a Sustainability in Niagara, want to know more about social enterprise and the co-op movement, this is one screening you don't want to miss!

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As the Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Project rolls out of the next few months, residents of Niagara want to continue to keep the pressure on the federal government to take action to implement this type of policy nationwide. 

Join us at the Welland Museum as we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday  with an exhibit full of items that have never been displayed before! 
These items celebrate the past 150 years and include: Welland  Memorabilia, items from Organizations, Ethnic groups, toys, fashion,  military, and our medical cabinet of curiosities.The museum is open from  10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday. We look forward to seeing you!

Get ready for the Welland Supper Market! Join us on Merritt Island for the Opener of the Wednesday night Supper Markets on July 5th.

A short video tour of the beautiful Welland Canal downtown with views of the Main Street Bridge. This video was shot in 4K with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 Mirrorless Camera and Kit 12-60 Lens.

High debt levels ... lack of savings ... the inability to budget – these problems all have several causes, but one of them is almost certainly financial illiteracy. Too many of us just never developed the money management skills necessary to cope with our complicated – and expensive – world. But if you have young children, you can teach them some money-smart lessons – and who knows? You could use the opportunity to give yourself a few valuable reminders, too.

The latest health system report that measures hospital performance across Canada shows that Niagara Health is performing better than the Canadian average in a number of areas.


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