Movement Unlimited is offering a FREE FITNESS ASSESSMENT by our Niagara College Student in her final semester of their Fitness and Health Promotion program. 
This assessment will  help determine your overall fitness levels and health risks and help you to figure out what type of exercise program is best for you!  There is no charge for this at all.

When encountering prospective patients, I find the greatest barrier to be the preconceived notions the general public has towards the profession. Chiropractic has existed for over 100 years while becoming inherently more mainstream as the years pass by. I will attempt to dispel some popular misconceptions people may have about chiropractors. If you are debating whether or not chiropractic is for you, don’t hesitate to call and ask for a free consultation.


Urge To Purge's core business is engineered around decluttering client's homes and helping them reclaim their space. This week, UTP added a new facet to their business with the grand opening of their storefront.

Auto Parts Centres (APC) opened its first branch in London in 1981, since then over thirty branches have been added to the network, which now stretches across South and Central Ontario. Constant supply and support of the stores is carried out from our two distribution centres (Dorchester and Mississauga) covering over 165,000 square feet of floor space.

You’ve got one investment account here, your RRSP and TFSA there, and some more assets over at that other place. You’re “diversifying,” right? That tactic could, however, be raising your risk, inviting costly fees and preventing you from creating a sound retirement strategy.

An award winning Travelling Exhibition from the OPP Museum, features a rare collection of historical mug shots dating from 1886-1908. Exhibit runs from January 13 2015-May 21 2016.

*Lillie Williams: arrested on August 11, 1901 (2000.28.141) Photo courtesy of The OPP Museum

A third-year student in Niagara College’s Bachelor of Business Administration – International Commerce and Global Development program is part of an international team that earned top honours in a recent international business competition.

Have you joined a local CSA yet? Hard to believe it's already February, but spring is right around the corner - all groundhog predictions considered. If you're still not a member of a Community Supported Agriculture program in Niagara, my guess is you've got questions. Lucky for you, we've got answers. We put together a list of all the questions we've been asked over the years about our CSA, so you're bound to find the answers you need right here.

If a taxpayer has over-contributed by more than $2,000 above their RRSP limit in a given month the CRA can assess a penalty equal to 1% multiplied by the over-contribution amount for each month until the over-contribution is taken care of. 

It's not enough to just do good: local non-profit groups are realizing they also have to be good. That's why the Niagara Community Foundation is launching a new program to help local non-profits improve their leadership - by ensuring they are operating at the highest professional standards.


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