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Today at the Annual General Meeting of the Sprint Racing Discipline of CanoeKayak Canada, member clubs unanimously voted to hold the 2017 Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships in Welland, ON from August 22 to August 26. The Canadian Masters Championships – CanMas – will also take place in Welland on August 27.


The 8th Annual ‘It’s a Wonderful Life' celebrated with a magical, Circe de Soleil themed evening that included aerialists performing on silks dangling from the ceiling at the Riverstone Event Centre.

On Tuesday November 24th Welland Bridge 13 was lit Orange and Blue in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Procon Constructors Inc.  The special illumination not only recognizes their 20 years in business but is also a thank you for the great job they did installing the decorative LED lights on the bridge this past summer.

Reserve your ticket for the 20th Annual M.T. Bellies Ski Trip to Holiday Valley in Ellicotteville, NY! Bus departs the M.T. Bellies parking lot on Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:30 am and returns late. Tickets are $150 each which includes: lift ticket, breakfast, coach bus, hot lunch with “bevies”, smokin’ après ski party and cool MTB swag. We're looking forward to another fun day with our friends!

The Welland Museum has acquired an important Fenian Raid Medal, complete with 1870 bar. The medal is impressed Cpl. W. Ashby 44th Btn. The 44th recruited primarily from Welland County. Generously donated by an anonymous benefactor.

When Pierre arrived he stepped into a frenzied, pushing, emotional crowd, trying everything to get a hand on him, or an autograph, a picture and often even a firm kiss. In the days before motor-drive cameras I was lucky to capture this perfect kiss. Note, we can see just one camera held by a spectator, today there would be dozens. (All photos by Bob Chambers)

This Chambers’ Corner is about the excitement concerning the campaign for Prime Minister by Pierre Trudeau in 1968.

Hundreds of items on sale. No line ups at the Border! #ShopLocal in Welland

A retail outlet dedicated to improving the lives of local women is popping up in Welland again in time for the holiday season. Niagara Presents, a social enterprise that makes small-batch preserves, is opening its holiday pop-up store at the Rose City Plaza on Tuesday, Nov. 24. This marks the third year the store will operate, selling Niagara Presents preserves and gift baskets that will also feature other locally made foods: maple products from Pelham’s White Meadows Farms; honey from Beamsville’s Rosewood Estates Winery; and chocolates from Chocolate, etc., in St. Catharines.

You’ve no doubt heard about the risks associated with investing. This investment carries this type of risk, while that investment carries another one. And it is certainly true that all investments do involve some form of risk. But what about not investing? Isn’t there some risk associated with that, too? 


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