Every couple of years it’s another election. Signs start popping up, everyone starts wearing suits, and as quickly as it started it’s all over and back to normal. This is how we have been doing politics for decades and it’s incredibly ineffective.

Come January, many “snowbirds” will be heading south. If you plan to escape Canada for the winter, be certain your financial life is in order before you go. There are two critical elements to ensuring you’ll be in good financial shape: Make sure your affairs at home can be managed in your absence, and arrange access to cash and financial services while you’re away. 

This wagon was hidden in a barn for 55 years until the day we found and bought her for the sole purposs of donating this piece of Welland history to our very own Welland Historical Musuem!

I often hear from residents wondering what the Niagara Region does and why Welland needs them. While not always obvious, the Niagara Region provides critical services and investment into Welland.

Development needs to be a key focus of the next city council.  Our next council must be looking to bring in new residential and commercial development.  However, development must always respect the local community and environment.  Development allows Welland to increase the tax base which allows further investment in the many infrastructure needs throughout the city. By bringing in new tax revenue it can also assist in ensuring Welland remains an affordable city.  

The campaign is well into its third week and my feet feel like it has been a lot longer. All is going well and I should finish in a timely manner. Still meeting a lot of great and positive residents. The Meet and Greet at the Richelieu Club on September 24 went very well and as Candidates for the various positions, we got to meet each other as well as meeting members of the voting public. 

As we all know municipal governments are responsible for a wide range of important issues that directly affects the communities and the people...

In exchange for the compost, residents must donate non-perishable food items or cash in support of Fort Erie COPE (Community Outreach Program – Erie), Grimsby Benevolent Fund, The HOPE Center, and Project SHARE. The number of compost bags given to each resident in exchange for a donation is at the discretion of the attendant.

The City of Welland is pleased to announce a three-year contract that will bring an elite minor league baseball team to Welland to compliment the city’s expanding sports tourism sector. The Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) is excited to add Welland to its list of cities for the 2019 season. 

For the first time in Niagara, an IBL team will play at the city’s 2,500 seat Welland Stadium and showcase Minor League Baseball. An announcement was made yesterday by Welland Baseball’s Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Harrison, that the Burlington team is relocating and calling Welland Stadium its home. 

My name is Carmen Noldin, but all my friends call me Carmi. I am fifteen years old and I come from Paraguay, which is a small country in South America, between Brazil and Argentina.  This is my first trip to Canada. I came to Canada because I love winter and I want to speak English. In Paraguay, we never have snow, so this will be the first time in my life I have seen it.


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