August is definitely one of the most exciting months on the waterway this 2017 competition season. Dragon Boat Canada continues to select the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) as the National Championship venue of choice. Teams of Dragon Boats will race down the water August 3-6 and lure 2,000 competitors ranging from recreational levels to elite athletes. This event is unique because it brings dynamic groups of competitors from university teams, breast cancer survivors, people with visual impairments, and much more. All the athletes share the same desire to win, but they bring a variety of skills and levels to waterway.

There will be 4 craftstock events at Black Sheep Cafe in Welland throughout the summer falling on the last Tuesday of each month -- May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, and August 29th!


That's why you should get started on establishing a positive credit history as soon as possible and take care to keep that history positive. Whether you're young, you're a newcomer to Canada or your finances are well established, your credit history is a key element of your financial picture. A credit history is established by borrowing. It starts the moment you apply for your first credit card or take out your first bank loan and builds from there. It's a record of your credit applications, outstanding loans, payments and anything else connected with borrowing.

It is that time of year again to start planning for the 2017 – 2018 season.  If you are a returning coach and have already reached out to me, thank you. Nothing else is required.  

Register each individual team member and a waiver must be completed for each person. (Waiver can be downloaded here) It can be emailed to or brought with you to the event.

At about 11:00 on the night of April 24,1876, a 33 car east bound Canada Southern Railway freight train approached the bridge. Although the red stop signals were showing,the engineer never slackened speed,and the engine drove into the canal,followed by the first 4 cars. The bridge was knocked some 6 feet out of position,subsequently requiring extensive repairs. Engineer Aaron C. Cady and brakeman John Van Houten were both killed. 

Calling all Niagara-based charitable organizations: Need a small upgrade to your facility or programming? Applications are currently being accepted for Niagara College’s next Many Hands Project.

Join us for the annual Cowboy Classic in support of Help a Child Smile, an organization focused on children with cancer treated at the Children's Hospital at Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation by providing opportunities for them and their families to smile and have fun. There are only 144 spots available, so sign up early to ensure your spot. 

Installation is underway on a series of brand new long-life docks along the Welland Recreational Waterway. Through a $56,000 grant provided by the Government of Canada's Canada 150 Grant program, along with matching funds from the City of Welland, the community will be able to benefit from brand new, high quality, accessible docks. The docks are being installed to replace older wooden docks that have reached the end of their life span. Replacement of aging docks to new and improved inventory was a key priority of the Canada 150 Grant program and a primary reason for Welland being awarded the grant.

The summer is finally here and that mean wedding season is too. Along with big events like weddings, you should always consider getting insurance coverage for other events such as fundraisers, corporate parties, or even having a company booth at a town fair. Things like sudden cancellations, stolen gifts, a damaged gown, or even a guest getting injured are the last things you want to worry about with a big event, which is why coverage can not only help protect you against the unforeseen, but can also give you peace of mind.


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