A privacy breach can include the loss, theft, unauthorized access to or use of personal customer or employee information. This data can include: Social Insurance Number; bank account number, credit or debit card information; driver’s licence number; medical diagnosis, patient history and medications; and, other personal information de ned by provincial or federal law.

Walk with Women’s Place this November 3 to help WIPE OUT domestic violence and support local women's shelters. 

People are notorious for pushing things to the side. For years in Welland we as a community have been ignoring the kilometres of cast iron pipes carrying our water underground. 30% of our underground water servicing is CI (cast iron), this accounts for 23% leakage every year. That means that 23% of the water the city pays the region for, never hits your tap. The city does have a 10 year plan implemented to eradicate this problem but we should be taking this as insight for the future. 

As a proud long-time Ward 4 resident, MARIA LALLOUET is looking forward working tirelessly on behalf of the residents, always keeping their best interest in mind. Maria strongly believes that growth and positive change can only happen when community is involved to a greater extend.

We’ve all heard the phrase a “Man’s Best Friend” at some point in our lives – and many of us may have witnessed the bond between pets and their owners through personal experiences or Hollywood films like Marley & Me. But can the loss of an animal companion really have a devastating impact on its owner? The short answer is yes.

Welland is our home.  It was built on hard work and community in order to take advantage of our unique position in Niagara. One of the best ways to strengthen our local economy is to keep taxes low and offer incentives to job creators seeking to locate in Welland or expand their existing business.  Like our neighbours, our local business community is a significant part of the history of Welland that makes us who we are today.

20 Home Street Election Headquarters was busy on the weekend working on Election Pamphlets. Granddaughter Mackenzie designed the pamphlet. Many thanks to Mackenzie for taking the time out of her busy school schedule. On the weekend, our son Ed participated in the 10thannual Big Move Bicycle Ride raising funds for the Walker Family Cancer Center. Special thanks to all those who donated and sponsored Ed “Way to go Ed!”

Following up on my introduction to you all, I would like to begin informing you of my key platform ideas.  Campaign platform #1: Development of city parks and better use of the Welland recreational waterway.  

Dreaming of having a new kitchen for the holidays?  Call Habitat for Humanity’s Salvage Team to remove your old kitchen cupboards, countertops, sink, appliances and other items for FREE! 

Volunteers are integral to the success of Habitat for Humanity Niagara and they are in immediate need for the following...


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