If you check the labels of foods you are buying in the grocery store, you might be surprised to see how many of them have sugar included – from tomato sauce, to granola bars, to dried fruit.  And it doesn’t stop there, the food industry does not always call sugar “sugar”.  In fact, there are over 65 names that can be classified as sugar – such has fructose, dextrose and glucose.  There are some labels have two or three different types of sugar listed.

When interest rates are rising, the first question that comes to mind usually concerns the cost of borrowing. But can increasing rates also affect our investments?

The City of Welland is scheduling an indefinite road closure of the Forks Road Bridge located in Dain City. The closure will be in effect on Nov. 2, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. and will remain closed until further notice. Although pedestrian access will remain open to the public, no vehicular access will be permitted. City Council and staff understand the significance of traffic disruptions that occur with road closures, and are therefore arranging the most direct detour to minimize and prevent traffic congestion. 

Niagara College and Bethesda are working together to help brighten the smiles of children with special needs. In an effort to remove the barriers to dental care often faced by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, NC and Bethesda have partnered to host a free clinic for local children at the College’s Welland Campus.

This month we are profiling one of Rotary’s strongest supporters, Roman A. Groch. He is Niagara born and bred, educated at Welland High and Vocational School, as well McMaster University and currently is a CERTIFIED FINANACIAL PLANNER® with HollisWealth. However, it is outside of his workday that Roman really excels. Using his skills as an organizer and motivator, he joined various community groups such as the Jaycees as well as other groups throughout the Niagara region and has managed several successful community events for them.

Janet Rouss, Author of “Courage Freedom Happiness – Life Hacks from a Digital Nomad” speaks on “Making your Work Work for you”.  Come hear how to make your life and work more meaningful and fulfilling.  

It is that time again!  Every year for the last 26 years the Welland community has come together to stock the shelves of the food banks in our city.  This year is no exception.  The Food Drive this year will be on Saturday, November 3rd. 

It was an invasion at the Seaway Mall this Saturday, October 20th!

Job Gym is excited to announce a new training opportunity for job seekers in Niagara!  The Hospitality Career Catalyst program features 5 weeks of skills development programming geared toward the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Canada’s 150 in Welland Committee met in downtown Welland for one last final legacy celebration. The ad hoc committee was created in 2015 to inspire Welland’s residents and stakeholders to join Canada’s 150 birthday celebrations in 2017. Although they have not gathered to develop projects and special events for nearly a year, the members were pleased to decommission the group with a final sesquicentennial legacy project in Welland.


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