Did you know that about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. This is becoming a growing trend around the world. In 2014, cardiovascular disease led to the premature death of an estimated 17.3 million people, and it remains the world’s most common underlying causes of death

The Rotary Club of Welland and the City of Welland are excited to unveil new street signage at the corner of Frazer and Mill Streets as Welland Rotary Way. The signage recognizes the contributions and community improvement efforts made by the Welland Rotary Club. The new signage is a tribute to the collaboration between Welland Rotary Club and Habitat for Humanity Niagara in developing housing on Frazer Street between 2009 and 2011. 

Leading healthy, prosperous and productive lives is a top priority for the residents of Welland. Investment in mental health, senior services and affordable housing are all fundamental parts of achieving this goal.

Hi, I’m Bryan Green for those of you who do not already know me.  I have grown up in Welland in Ward 4 and now I am proud to be raising my own family here as well.  I feel that it is crucial to have representation by someone that resides in the Ward 4 community.  My family is everything to me and it is important to have our home in an area we love and enjoy. 

Like any other build, we must start with the foundation. The foundation we need in order for Welland to flourish is creating a new identity for ourselves. For too long, we have been crippled by an ungrounded stigma of our city and people. Every time someone says “That’s Welland for you”, “Only in Welland”, or anything similar, it is only holding us back from progress. As we start to take pride in our community, we will start to see our people shine. When you see garbage: pick it up, when you see someone less privileged than you: help them, when you want to see something happen: take action. 

Do You Know How to Protect Your Home From Burglary?

September means back-to-school time for Niagara’s youngsters – but it’s a great time for homeowners to hit the books, too. The science behind home construction and maintenance is constantly evolving.

You may greatly enjoy your career and be in no hurry to retire. Or you may be looking forward to retirement so that you can pursue your hobbies, travel or even open your own business. But whatever your plans may be, you’ll need to ask yourself this: “When can I retire?” 

Leo Van Vliet is excited and proud to officially announce his candidacy for Welland City Councillor in Ward 2 for the upcoming Municipal Election in October. “It will be a great privilege to serve my community on Welland’s City Council. I will do so by listening openly to the concerns of all our residents with the goal of building a better Welland. I know with responsible decision making and team work, Welland will continue to grow and prosper into a place we will all be proud to call home.” 

Maria Lallouet, candidate for Ward 4 is ready to distribute signs. Please let her know if you willing to display one on your front yard by calling 905-788-2834 and leaving a message with your name and address.


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