Maybe you know him for his many years on the award-winning hit show Income Property, from his new series Buyers Bootcamp or Moving the McGillivrays, or his online series Scott's House Call.  Or maybe you know him as a contractor, best-selling author, public speaker, educator, or guest expert. In all of his many roles, Scott McGillivray is a trusted contractor, savvy real estate investor, and celebrated TV personality whose passion lies in helping homeowners make smart renovation and investment decisions that deliver financial rewards.

Habitat Niagara's Restores are home improvement outlets offering new and gently used building supplies, kitchens, décor, appliances, furniture and much more for a fraction of the retail price, plus you never pay the HST. Whether you're looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, re-furnish your living room, or fix up your basement, the ReStore should be your first stop!

​Niagara Specialized Transit has made changes to its booking procedures. These changes are the result of the incredible demand the service has experienced in 2018. This demand has far exceeded any previous specialized transit service usage for this service. These changes will not affect the current amount of service available. The number of available daily trips on Niagara Specialized Transit has now been set at a maximum number consistent with our current daily averages. There will be no decrease in levels of service.

As a community we can make Wellandan even better place to live, work and play. I am doing so by running to represent the citizens of Wellandas your Regional Councillor.  During the past 10 years, I have worked hard to promote our city at every opportunity at the Provincial and Federal level to remind officials and businesses that Welland has a great deal to offer. 

For as long as I have lived in Welland, there have been people who come in droves to express that the reason the city is where it is, is because of “losing industry”. That’s only partly true. Pretend Welland is a stool with 3 legs, the first is housing, the second is schooling, and the third is manufacturing. If you take away manufacturing the stool falls over. This is what happened to us starting about 30 years ago. Since then there have been many important people and politicians trying to glue that third leg back on. My goal is to add new legs to Welland. 

If you are a Welland resident, or a Business Owner of Downtown Welland, the Welland Downtown BIA wants to hear from you!

Let them know what you think about Downtown Welland and how we can all work together to make it better. Complete this quick 10-minute survey and get chance to win $100!! The winner will be contacted the Friday before Feast St. Niagara by random drawing.

When it comes to sustainability, Niagara College reaches for the STARS – and earns them. NC has been recognized as a top performer by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). AASHE’s recently released 2018 Sustainable Campus Index highlights top-performing sustainable colleges and universities overall and in 17 impact areas, as measured by the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS).

This is the time of year that everyone is thinking of school and Rotary even more so, since it’s the time that we start to think of a Rotary Exchange student for this coming year. For the uninitiated, this exchange program selects a local student to go abroad for a year to study and live in a foreign environment--a chance of a lifetime! Welland Rotary has been giving local students this opportunity for a number of years, and is always looking for suitable applicants, but there is one big draw back to this scenario—we need host families!

Or are you just looking for a diet?

To put it simply, to make Welland a place to live. What makes a place somewhere to live? Parks, free community events, investing in small business to create jobs, infrastructure improvements, accessibility, and most importantly: affordability! It is easy to say what you would like to see but as I have learned from mentors, the HOW is much more important.


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