Believe it or not, your quest to banish oil from your complexion is probably making things worse. The more you use drying soap-based products and acne treatments, the more your skin wants to compensate by producing even more oil.

Over time, you will run into various suggestions for investing successfully. Yet upon closer inspection, many of these ideas turn out to be “myths” – which could cause you trouble if you treat them as solid advice. Here are five of these myths, along with some reasons for ignoring them...

Usually when you think of home insurance, you associate it only when purchasing or owning a home – it’s not often connected with renting an apartment, townhouse, single family home, or even student housing. No matter what kind of home you are renting, tenant insurance is a must-have, and we have all the scoop to keep you in-the-know.

"Big Box of Cards. 33 cards for $33, that is $1 per card (taxes included).

The last card I brought was 3 weeks ago for a wedding...$9.07 (I almost passed out at the cash register at Shoppers, Dollar store is $1.25 plus tax....Big Box of cards are beautiful, cheap and for a great cause".  ~ Rebecca Hyatt, parent of two of Cabar-EH Youth Theatre members.

 If you would like to purchase or make arrangement to just view the product prior to ordering please email Jenny Dean at

Deadline for order is Oct 16.

Thinking about getting your home ready to go on the Market?  Team Berkhout Bosse provides a "Pre-Listing Check Up" service to help you compile a list of repairs and upgrades that will bring you the best return on your investment.

Our Pre-Listing process can significantly increase your home’s market value by following a few simple steps to uncover your home’s full potential.

Join us for a breakfast chat with our panel of truly local experts who will share stories and advice ranging from financing your start-up to reading a cash flow statement to financial life lessons learned from our myNiagara Online experience of launching and operating our community enterprise.

Feast Street Niagara is an event taking place in Downtown Welland joining the community together with food, culture and entertainment. With food vendors offering samples of their awesome dishes you will be able to experience a variety of fun and feast for the whole family.

Saturday September 30th Noon-11pm

Sunday October 1st Noon-6pm

Registration for Welland Minor Basketball for the 2017-2018 season for house league and rep is almost complete!   

The first few months of a year can be quite busy when it comes to your finances. There may be contributions to make to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). And of course, there’s your personal income tax return to prepare, which thankfully will soon be wrapped up for most of us. 

The City of Welland Recreation and Culture Division is receiving two considerable grants from the Elderly Persons Centre (EPC) funding, provided through the Ontario Ministry of Seniors Affairs. The city's Recreation and Culture Division is receiving $42,700 in maintenance and operating funding for the Rose City Seniors Activity Centre, along with a special grant of $14,478. Both grants will offset operational costs and purchase new supplies and equipment to support seniors' programs.


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