Business of Aging Niagara Network: ELLIS KATSOF - MSW, author of "Life 3.0” speaks on: PROTIREMENT, NOT RETIREMENT

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 -
17:30 to 19:30

Is your business sensitive to the changing Baby Boomer?

  • How many of your Clients are anxious about their retirement lifestyle?
  • How much is not understanding your Boomer 'Workforce' affecting your succession planning?
  • How many in your Audiences are Boomers?

A lack of attention to the aging Baby Boomer may be costing you a great deal!

Research, based on 100 interviews with people from all walks of life, from a Coal Miner to a former Prime Minister, and summarized in Life 3.0, shows us that retirement is NO LONGER a destination for Boomers. It is only the first step in the change process, and journey, toward an exciting and fulfilling Protirement. Come find what it means for you and for your customers.