Poetry Takes the Nite

Saturday, June 15, 2019 -
13:00 to 16:00

Poetry Takes the Nite is a Welland reading series. Hosted by Taylor Peebles, the series aims to bring authors from across Canada and beyond to Welland for an interactive reading. Books are available for purchase at every event. The March 16th event will be held at The Vegan Hippie Chick.

About Poetry Takes the Nite

Created and Hosted by Taylor Peebles

Taylor Peebles is a born and raised Wellander.  

He has traveled to 2 corners of the globe in search of "something".  What he found out that "The Something" he was looking for was lingering right in his home town.  "A community!!"

After his travels to China, Taylor came back with a passion for Poetry, A passion for Literature and a passion to bring Culture into North America that he found was a dying Art Form. 

So Taylor let his passions lead him in searching for a venue that would host a night of Poetry and Avant Garde styled music.  

Taylor now hosts poetry nights at The Black Sheep Lounge on The last Saturday of every month.

This community has been building for 3 yrs and has been getting more and more attention as the months go on.  

It is now filled with brilliant artist from all over Niagara .

Poetry Takes the Nite is also a partner with Grey Borders Magazine.

Jordan Fry is the owner and operator of Grey Borders Magazine and has a passion for Literature and Community. 

This partnership has helped bring Jordan’s and Taylor’s passion come to life in a great positive way! 

Motto - Peace Love and Understanding 

What is its purpose..... To ignite the love of Literature and the love of the english language.  To bring fourth the picturesque scenes of the city, community and world we venture and travel through. 

Poetry is the art of of observations and looking within to understand whats changing in the world. As the world moves. It changes, osculated through a cyclic existence. And as poets it is our passions to show people the profound world we exist in.

Where Poetry Takes the Nite play into this role is by creating a safe and accepting community to ask questions to not just the unknown but to help figure out the known and place it in the hands of everyone.

And to show that Poetry as an Art form is not for the elite writers or profound english speakers.  That it is for all ages and people from all walks of life. We all have a story to be told. 

Poetry Takes the Nite is the place to let you colours fly and your stories to be told. 

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