Probus Club of Pelham: Mark Robinson “Hurricanes and Tornadoes“

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 10:00

Mark Robinson is a Canadian adventurer, storm chaser, and meteorologist.  Recently named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Explorers by Canadian Geographic, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.  Mark has chased (and has been chased) by tornadoes across Canada and the United States.  Mark has been intercepting hurricanes since 2005, and has documented many major storms including Katrina, Ike, and Sandy.  He has also chased innumerable ice storms, blizzards and snowstorms.  Mark’s adventurous spirit has taken him around the globe.  He has witnessed avalanches, experienced -110 degrees Celsius temperatures, and jumped into both the Arctic and Southern (Antarctica) Oceans.

Mark’s love for weather started at a young age and his passion for the weather grew as he got older.  He is a sought after speaker and audiences want to hear about his experiences chasing storms and his adventures around the globe.  The FCC (Farm Credit Canada) also seek Mark’s expertise on how seasonal forecasts and weather will impact their farming season. Mark speaks to students ranging from grade school to university and has had an influence on many people choosing science and weather as a career.

About The PROBUS Club of Pelham

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