Small Business Seminar Furtney Crysler LLP in partnership with Job Gym

Thursday, October 25, 2018 -
08:00 to 10:00

Small business leaders wear a lot of hats to keep their organization moving forward.  This Small Business Seminar is aimed to support these owners, managers and leaders with additional tools to keep their business healthy!  Featuring 4 speakers who are experts in accounting and finances; management and leadership development; hiring and training grants; and human resources.  In celebration of Small Business Month, join us for a morning of professional development, networking and breakfast!





Speaker: Bill Crysler CPA, CA

Topic: Small Business Planning – 5 Tips every small business owner should know:

  1. Have a Business Plan
  2. Cash Flow Planning
  3. Bookkeeping Skills
  4. Income Tax Planning
  5. Avoid the CRA!


Client care is not just something Bill does – it is genuinely who he is. You just can’t fake that big smile of his! Bill started his own business because of his desire to work hands on with clients providing them with the highest level of service. He believes that the most important aspect of business is ensuring a client walks away happy. To do so is simple. Listen to your client, understand their specific needs, and build a plan to achieve them.

“Our team understands your pain-points. A trusted business accountant can help you develop a planned approach. Regular monitoring throughout the year avoids that last minute year end scramble. Small Business accounting and planning is our specialty. Let’s face it – you didn’t get into business to wrestle with your books and taxes – but we did! It’s what we love and we do it well.”

Bill’s experience has allowed him to gain expertise in different areas of both tax, and financial accounting. He is a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional who will do whatever he can to help your business grow and meet your personal financial goals.

Speaker: Brian Smith

Topic: Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak 

“The Top Ten Sins Most Managers Make & How to Avoid Them” 

The traditional role of a manager or business leader has changed from being task focused to people focused. New leadership skills are required for today’s workplace. Great managers or leaders aren’t born – they’re made. Managing and leading others is about attitude not aptitude. You can learn to communicate and interact more effectively, manage your time and your team’s time, cope with stress, problem solve, build collaborative teams and how to better deal with difficult people and challenging situations. In this workshop you’ll discover the top ten sins most managers and make – and more importantly – how to avoid them and gain valuable insight into a leadership style that is right for today’s workforce. Don’t put your career or your organization at risk – learn to manage and lead the 21st Century way.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a 21st Century leadership style 
  • Communicate and interact more effectively 
  • Manage your time and your team’s time to enhance individual and team performance 
  • Train and retain an emerging multi-generational workforce 
  • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult people and challenging situations better 

After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Motivate others to consistently perform at their personal best 
  • Give effective feedback to improve individual team member performance 
  • Build a collaborative – cohesive team and develop relationships 
  • Set priorities and delegate when necessary. 

Bio: Brian Smith specializes in soft-skills training and leadership development. He works with people who want to learn how to communicate and interact more effectively and who want to discover how to get the best of out of themselves and others.

Brian is the author of two books: “Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak – The Top Ten Sins Most Managers Make & How to Avoid Them” and his newest book, “Leadership Lessons from a Reformed Control Freak – The Art of Managing and Leading in the 21st Century”. 

He travels throughout North America delivering keynote speeches and facilitating workshops that address the many challenges facing managers and business leaders today. 


Speaker: Amanda Channon – Job Developer

Topic: The Catch-22 of Hiring and Training

This session aims to inform businesses of the hiring incentives and training grants available through Employment Ontario to assist them in bringing in new talent or training up their current staff.

Many Niagara business leaders work hard to develop growth opportunities for their organizations but then struggle to ensure that

A) they have enough qualified staff to make their plans come to fruition or

B) their current team lacks the skills needed to meet the new demands of business. 

We’ll show you how to access Employment Ontario supports to address these concerns!

Bio: Amanda Channon has worked in a variety of capacities in the employment field for 18 years. Her educational background includes a Social Work diploma and Human Resources Management, Counselling for At-Risk Youth courses. Additionally, Amanda is a Level 2 Life Skills Coach. Her professional background has been primarily in the Employment Counselling and Job Developer roles with an emphasis on employer relationships. Her training focuses on coaching employers and businesses on Employment Standards, Human Rights, and interviewing methods. She has developed a unique approach to recruitment for employers doing mass hiring and has conducted hundreds of interviews, background checks and recruitment training for new businesses. Amanda’s positive attitude, dedication to the local business community and being solution focused are her key strengths.

Speaker: Kim Shennan

Topic: The Hiring is done – Now What?

You’ve posted the job, reviewed the resumes, interviewed candidates and have selected the perfect fit for your organization. Many employers think that’s it! But the journey has just begun. If you don’t have a well-developed training and orientation program, chances are you are setting both your new hire and you up for failure. The cost of continually hiring for the same position is astronomically high. Kim will share some of her ideas for setting up a solid orientation plan that will ensure that your employees are well trained so that they can be successful in their jobs.

Bio: Kim Shennan is a Human Resources professional who has worked in the field for nearly 25 years. She had her start in the non-profit sector, working at both the John Howard Society of Niagara and Community Living Welland/Pelham. She obtained her CHRL designation in 2009. Her non-profit work included both non-union and union environments, where she was actively involved in negotiating collection agreements and grievances. Throughout her career, Kim has developed Health & Safety programs, Policy and Procedure manuals and Orientation procedures. She is currently working in the private sector for Gales Gas Bars.