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January is always the month that gets us thinking about finally getting organized. Even the most put together people have a room or closet they avoid.

The holiday season is once again upon us. And for most of us it is a joyous time, but for many seniors this time of year can be hectic and even depressing, depending on their mental and physical state. Good news, everyone can help contribute to happier holidays for the seniors in their lives by just following a few tips:

Life gets busy and situations take priority over everyday chores. All of a sudden you realize that you need to reclaim your space back from the drop zone. Thanksgiving is around the corner and you need your dining room back, or maybe it's the guest room for Aunt Agnes! Make it easy on yourself.
Call our Tidy Team at 905-933-0730 for a quote Today. You will be amazed how much we can accomplish for you in a couple of hours! 

A little Help cleaning up is now available!

Life can sure through us some curve balls now and again.  Trying to keep up with day to day tidying when life events get in the way can become overwhelming. Enter our Tidy team.  You pick how long and what you would like tidy. It`s that easy.  No long term commitment, use us once to tackle a corner or closet. Do you need to reclaim your space for upcoming function or holiday? We are quick and discreet.

What can our Tidy Team can do for you?

These 10 questions should help you Downsize or Declutter:

1. Do I use this regularly?

2. If not, is it something I love?

3. Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation?

4. Am I holding on to this because I should love it?

5. Am I saving it just-in-case?

6. Do I have more of the same thing?

7. Could something else I own do the same job?

8. Am I holding onto a broken item to fix one day?

9. Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning/storing it?

10. Could I use this space for something else?

Who will you trust with your life’s possessions? What is this going to cost? What will they do?  All of these questions run through your head when it is time to move. The first thing you need to do is get a couple of estimates.   We have compiled a list of questions to ask your potential mover so your task will be less daunting.

Typically when you call a mover, you pack, and they pick up, and deliver your possessions.  On occasion they may even offer a packing service.  But in the world of an older adult this may not be enough to get them comfortably through a move.

For $200 we will come to your house for 4 hours to sort, organize or help downsize.  We can take some items to a local charity and we have all the boxes and supplies you will need.  (up to 10 boxes, tape, tissue, etc included).

One of the many things we have learned while being in the downsizing business is it is such a pleasure to "Give While Still Living".

If you have had the experience of moving older family members to a new home you have seen first hand how much stress these moves can cause. I have recently become aware of the labeling of this phenomenon as Relocation Stress Syndrome, or transfer trauma. It is thought that RSS can affect behaviour, mood, morbidity and even mortality. Symptoms can include sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and disorientation. If the senior already suffers from dementia, physical frailty or sensory impairment there can be additional confusion and agitation. The effects can be worse if the move is not being made by choice, and may still exist even if the senior had made a willing decision.

Congratulations to S. Cyopik & G. Hubbard, both Winners of our Pelham Summerfest draw for 4 hours of FREE service!  Look for our new store front location opening soon!