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It's CSA time again! And we have a few memberships available. Weekly summer baskets contain a variety of traditional and unique vegetables and herbs. All certified organic.

What do you do when you want the freshest ingredients for a quick weeknight dinner? Or you want to showcase regional produce for out of town guests? You go local.Stopping by a roadside stand or farmers’ market is a convenient and pleasant way to serve Niagara’s best at your table.

Have you joined a local CSA yet? Hard to believe it's already February, but spring is right around the corner - all groundhog predictions considered. If you're still not a member of a Community Supported Agriculture program in Niagara, my guess is you've got questions. Lucky for you, we've got answers. We put together a list of all the questions we've been asked over the years about our CSA, so you're bound to find the answers you need right here.