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This wagon was hidden in a barn for 55 years until the day we found and bought her for the sole purposs of donating this piece of Welland history to our very own Welland Historical Musuem!


I know we all in joy the free concerts and my goal is 1000lbs of donated food. We are half way through with only 5 concerts left and we are just a little over 300lbs of food. Mr. Mikes believes in Welland as well they came me this year and offered the Gift Cards to give away for the food drive, HELP US FEED THEM and now Mr. Mikes have up the game they have given us $50.00 more worth of gift cards.

Now that is $125.00 given away every friday night at concerts On The Canal Community FOOD DRIVE to help the Hope Center FOOD BANK

We found her tucked away in a barn for over 50 years.  We  remember the home delivery Milk Man delivering fresh milk in bottles. Some of us would run out and feed the horses fresh carrots while the Milk Man collected the money.

Friends, here is an opportunity to Bring it home to share it with neighbours and family and share great stories with our grandkids.   We are presently working with the City of Welland and The Welland Museum to secure a permanent location, for not only our community to enjoy, but to share it with all visitors to WELLAND.

Last year we raised over $10k in food that helped Open Arms Mission and The Hope Centre! This year, we are hoping to beat that amount! For each item you donate, get a chance to win a washer & dryer generously donated by Budget Appliances! Drop your items off at the tent near the main entrance on your way to float!